Hello Ladies ,

We are extremely grateful for all your love and support towards our vision. As a monthly reminder of our customer appreciation we will be sharing a story a month from our customers. This means we will be updating our website with beautiful stories of women that have overcome  life trials and are walking stronger each day along with our VBE self love mission towards all women.. 

Every customer that shares their self love story with us , is going to get a surprise gift from us . Also she will be receiving a gift from us it can vary from $20 up to $150 . They will also get 10 $15 credit gift cards to give to their friends and family.



Well I’m 27, single mom as of a year and a half ago. I always struggled to accept my body for how it is . I’ve always been curvy even at an early age. I developed very quickly and i would always hide my curves with baggy clothes and sweaters. Which would make me feel insecure and uncomfortable. I was introduced to VBE by friends you know them of course and they told me to check your website out and I did and  I looooove the message they stand for . Hugging your curves with the right skirt and the Positivity and self love you promote and that’s what I needed to see and hear at that moment. I feel completely inspired to share that love and positivity!!! And I feel like this is that boost that I needed in myself to accept and love my self for who I am. And learn to let negativity go and let go of those people who aren’t giving me that positivity that I need and want to achieve!! 💕

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