Victoria by Elizabeth, or VBE, is a relatively new designer specializing in the maxi skirt and pencil skirts. Owned, operated and conceived by the three sisters- Elizabeth, Ada and Marlen, the ladies of VBE Strive to empower women by making them look and feel great at any size. Growing up their mother would make them new clothes to wear every weekend. The weekly ritual would gradually train their eyes and help them shape their sense of style. They eventually started making pencil skirts and hosting “skirt parties.” Now, with a little over a year in the industry, the ladies are designing incredible fashions that can be worn as a strapless dresses or rolled down to the hips or waist and worn as a skirt. Working with suppliers to produce top notch material and patterns, each production run offers exclusive designs. VBE’s sizing sets them apart from other designers on the West Coast. Nothing that China and California tend to run their sizes on the small side, Victoria by Elizabeth follows closely to the European sizing guidelines. This has been an important detail of their line of clothes. The maxi design is produced with two pieces of material rather than three, the skirts bear more of a mermaid cut instead of the typical A-line as given by the three cut design. The result is extremely complementary to woman. Each maxi also has a half-slip sewn discreetly inside. Victoria by Elizabeth team will continue to create amazing pieces that every woman will soon enjoy.