A letter to all of our customers...

My sister Ada and I wanted to share our thoughts during this hard time facing covid 19 . Yes, it caught all of us by surprised. Many life's were lost and our heart goes out to each and every family. We know the pain of loosing a loved one. We want to connect to everyone of you , to say thank you for keeping our dream alive. Also to  remind  you of how special you truly are. Maybe you or someone you know might be facing a moment of loneliness or insecurities and you feel you can't go on. As you all know Victoria by Elizabeth was created from the deepest of our heart. Many of you don't really know our background, but when our parent's brought us to Los Angeles from Tijuana Baja California. We arrived with only a few dresses and old little shoes. The memories that we treasure in our hearts are looking at magazines and smelling the samples of perfumes... loving clothing and appreciating everything.  Over all our passion since we were little girls was to give , and help others feel loved and accepted. This has been our mission and will always be our daily purpose. If you are struggling of lack of confidence ,self love please know we are here for you.  You can email us to victoriabyelizabeth@gmail.com  you are not alone.  We are all in this fight together .  We understand that things might be looking extremely negative right now but this is almost over. Focus on all your dreams and your strengths and visualize a stronger tomorrow. 




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